Nomination for in the Leaders of the Energy World competition!


Nominations have been announced for the prestigious ‘Leaders of the Energy World’ competition, which takes place during the 38th Europower & 8th RES POWER energy conference.

The nominations for the prestigious ‘Energy World Leaders’ competition, which takes place during the 39th Europower & 8th RESpower energy conference, have been announced.

The platform was recognised and appreciated by the competition's jury, finding a place in the close group of nominees in the ENERGY TRANSFORMATION LEADER category.

The justification for the nomination stated: is Poland's first 100 per cent green energy trading platform for business, which debuted on the market in H1 2022. On, energy producers and energy consumers meet directly. The service is dedicated to business customers, both from the SME sector and large enterprises.

Transactions on the platform take place without intermediaries - decisions about which source to buy from, from whom, how much or to whom to sell energy - are made by the users themselves. In addition, at, those using the tool have the support of the platform operator, who takes on the formal and organisational responsibilities associated with electricity trading.
Innovative and unique sales models are implemented on the platform, e.g. Business Groups, flexible contract types or long-term PPAs are offered. These tailor-made solutions are a way of meeting the needs of modern business, which expects solutions that offer the possibility of financial optimisation and, at the same time, solutions that reinforce the modern image of a sustainable company in accordance with ESG standards.
On the platform, it is possible to offer to buy/sell energy from various types of renewable sources: photovoltaic, wind, hydro or biomass. Sp. z o.o. belongs to a capital group comprising companies from the Polish Biogas Group, the leader in the production of renewable energy from biogas in Poland, and the Enerco Group, which produces green energy from wind. The company holds an electricity trading licence. It has been active on the market since 2007.

Thank you for your nomination!

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