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If you have decided to join us, we must report the "supplier switching procedure" (regardless of whether you are a producer or a consumer), which, in accordance with the applicable Energy Law, lasts 21 days. In addition, we will also change the Balancing Responsible Entity (BRO) for the generator. If you continue to use the platform, your contract may come into force even the next day. We will carry out all the formalities for you, and your contract will come into force at the beginning of the next month after the successful supplier switching procedure.

A network failure should be reported under the emergency number 991. The free telephone number of the Energy Emergency Service for reporting a power failure is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for all residents of Poland - regardless of the area of ​​operation of the Distribution System Operator. The seller is never responsible for the failure to supply energy, but the distributor.

A fall-back supplier is a supplier who has an agreement with the operator of the distribution system to which the customer is connected and who has a published price list for fall-back sales. If you lose your supplier, the sale of energy will automatically take place through the backup supplier. However, one should remember about the high prices of electricity under the reserve sale, because their amount is not regulated anywhere. Therefore, energy prices in the case of reserve sales are several times higher than in the case of ordinary energy sales. The prices of energy for the reserve sale are published by the reserve sellers on their websites.

The backup vendor will provide you with the energy. Backup sales is the sale of electricity to an end user connected to the distribution network by the backup supplier in the event of cessation of electricity sales by the existing supplier, performed on the basis of a sales contract or a comprehensive contract.

  • Prepare last year's invoices. 

Compare consumption in summer and winter. Check what the power consumption looks like during the day and during the week.

  • Choose an offer with a fixed price or a variable price shaped by the market

An offer with a fixed electricity price throughout the duration of the contract protects the business against the effects of an increase in electricity prices on the power exchange. Allows you to predict the amount of energy bills.

Settlement based on the current quotations of the Polish Power Exchange (RDN).
The price of energy is shaped by the market. The offer is recommended for companies where energy consumption is uneven or not fully predictable over time. Balancing is carried out by the Seller (risk of discrepancies between the volume of energy estimated by the End User  and finally consumed by him).

  • Choose energy from renewable sources (OZE), join conscious entrepreneurs and counteract such threats as global warming and carbon footprint

Polska Grupa Biogazowa and REO guarantee 100% OZE energy. We are a leader in the production of renewable energy from biogas in Poland. We have our own infrastructure to generate electricity from biogas and wind.

  • Read the contract and sign it

The contract should be accompanied by a power of attorney on the basis of which we will arrange all formalities. In Reo, this is done remotely. Our advisor will always answer your questions.

  1. Change of seller     

The new offer will be valid only after the expiry of the notice period or the end of the contract with the current seller. Thus, the continuity of energy sales is maintained.
In the case of the first change of supplier, a comprehensive agreement is terminated on behalf of the End User, i.e. it covers both the terms of sale of electricity and the provision of distribution services.
After termination of the comprehensive agreement, in addition to a new sales agreement with the selected supplier, an agreement with the distribution system operator is concluded on behalf of the customer for an indefinite period (it is not necessary to terminate and re-conclude it when changing suppliers).

  • Settlement with the previous electricity supplier

Settlement with the current seller based on meter readings is the last stage of the process. The reading of the meters is made by the local Distribution System Operator on the date of entry into force of the new sales contract (maximum within 5 days from that date).
All formalities on behalf of the End User are handled by REO. The End User does not incur any additional costs for changing the supplier. With the first change of energy supplier, the entire process takes 21 days. We keep our customers informed about the seller change statuses.

The electricity supplier is the distribution system operator (OSD).

The seller is the entity responsible for the sale of energy that uses the infrastructure of the distribution system operator (OSD). You can change your energy supplier.

Yes. Changing the supplier is a free procedure. The procedures are simplified and are limited to the transfer of the power of attorney to the new supplier, who takes care of the formalities for us. The duration of the entire process is 21 days.

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