Our Values and Goals

Reo.pl is the place of first choice for your green energy procurement and sales needs.
Together with our partners, we are creating a secure future

Reo.pl - The idea of change for the better

Sustainability is all about the energy transition, tackling climate change and the green industrial revolution. You can co-create the future with us.

Reo.pl is our story of striving to change the world for the better. As passionate RES innovators, drawing on our years of experience and knowledge, we are co-creating a green future for our planet believing that in doing so we are also changing the rules of the game in the energy industry. Everyone is welcome to join this initiative.


Our Values

At Reo.pl, we not only believe that universal values are the foundation of every company
and shape its objectives, but we are also guided by them in all our daily tasks.

Innovation and growth

Innovation and growth

We identify with the constant technological progress and the opportunities it offers in the area of green energy sector development. We are constantly evolving to create modern, competitive and environmentally friendly solutions. We know that innovation is the key to creating a future in which energy is clean, universally accessible and the use of its precious resources as efficient as possible.

Sharing vision, knowledge and experience

Sharing vision, knowledge and experience is the foundation of our organisation

We do this in our relationships with our business partners and within our team. We create an atmosphere of respect, support, equality in the workplace and commitment. At the centre of our culture is always the individual - customer, employee, business partner.

We put ecology first

We put ecology first

This gives us authenticity and credibility - the most important values in business. The biological diversity of the world around us is our natural capital, on which our existence on Earth largely depends. We protect the environment. We act with care for the planet, promoting green technologies and operating practices throughout the organisation reducing adverse impacts and constantly seeking even better solutions.

Close to the customer

Close to the customer

The needs of our audiences, listening carefully and understanding the values of others, is the principle we follow. We keep our promises by focusing on solutions that are tailored to needs, time, place and circumstances. This is how we build our brand of the future every day - Reo.pl

Our Goals

The goals that Reo.pl sets for itself are the result of our values and plans flowing from the beliefs of the people who make up the brand.

Ecological, modern product

Our main objective is to continuously expand our product range to meet the growing demands of the energy market and to meet the needs of our customers. Taking care of environmental aspects, we believe that our innovations are the key to creating and implementing sustainable energy

Responsible employer

We want to be an exemplary employer that offers our employees an inspiring working environment and provides professional development. Passion, commitment and enthusiasm for the job are key for us

Customer satisfaction

Our aim is to take care of our customers and continuously improve their satisfaction. Reo.pl's offer is an opportunity to reduce the cost of electricity, sourced exclusively from RES, which at the same time allows us to meet our primary objective

Sustainability and respect for the environment

Our company is not just a business. Reo.pl is a response to social and environmental challenges. We strive to bring about positive social change. Our activities implement worthwhile social and environmental initiatives. We believe that together we can really change the world for the better

Our ambitions
- We think globally!

Our ambition is to create a global ecosystem that balances energy demand with energy production based solely on unlimited RES resources. Our smart infrastructure is innovative control algorithms that fully automate electricity trading in real time. Our expansion into new markets will allow more and more customers and partners to benefit exclusively from green energy, regardless of their location, type of business or operating model.

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