Renewable Energy Market

We guarantee 100% Green Energy

We are the Polish company specializing in green energy trading based on renewable energy sources.

We belong to a capital group that includes the companies Polska Grupa Biogazowa and Enerco, producing green energy based on their own biogas plants, photovoltaic farms and wind installations. We have been operating on the Polish market since 2007. We have a license to trade in electricity.


Knowledge and experience

The Polska Grupa Biogazowa is a leader in the production of renewable energy from biogas in Poland.

We provide innovative technologies supporting the production of green energy to the domestic and international markets.

Renewable Energy Market

Based on many years of experience and knowledge in the field of energy trading, we have created a unique platform. connects energy recipients with producers.

Thanks to, green energy producers can increase their revenues without employing their own qualified personnel and financial resources to trade in electricity, settle accounts with customers, report and pay all related fees.

Recipients can reduce the costs of electricity consumed and prosumers can increase revenues from the sale of green energy.

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